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hilary cook, massage therapist

Monday: 9am – 9pm
Tuesday: 9am – 9pm
Wednesday: 9am -1pm
Thursday: 9am – 1pm
Friday: 9am – 1pm
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Meet Hilary Cook

Massage Therapist in Boardman, Ohio

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2013. In my practice I have strived to refine the ability of following my instincts – and trust the process to find what each individual needs. I work on each client with the intent of honing-in quickly to physical, emotional and mental stress intuitively feeling into the pain of each person and allowing a safe space to release that pain, heal, and recover.

My goal is to meet each client where they are and provide the service they need that day and in that moment. No two massages are the same, nor should they be as each body is different.


Whether providing a deep tissue or a soft touch massage, a healing energy modality, or relaxing spa getaway, I believe your time on the table should be a whole body, mind, and spirit experience that leaves you balanced and rejuvenated!

Services Available

    Tight muscles? Headache? Just need to relax and breathe easier? This massage is truly customized for you as the pressure can be adjusted from gentle Swedish to deep tissue based on your comfort level and needs. This customized massage incorporates hot towels and aromatherapy to enhance your experience and results.
    60 min – $80
    75 min – $95
    90 min – $110
    While gliding heated basalt stones and warm bamboo along the body this massage promotes deep levels of relaxation and helps to loosen tight muscles. Radiant heat from the stones and bamboo soothes aches and tension and allows for increased blood flow and even greater detoxing.
    60 min – $90
    90 min – $120
    Healthy skin is vital for our survival both emotionally and physically. The skin is your largest organ and must be nourished and cared for. This ultra-hydrating treatment will exfoliate, remove dead skin, and increase circulation to allow for a smoother more youthful glow from tip to toe. This treatment includes a deep scalp and face massage for the ultimate relaxation experience. Tired, dry, itchy skin is a thing of the past.
    60 min – $85
    Sound massage with singing bowls is a therapy where singing bowls are placed on the body and tapped gently with a felt mallet creating a gentle vibration and harmonizing sound. The calming sounds as well as the gentle vibrations of the singing bowls induce a feeling of well-being and a very deep relaxation. With people in good health sound massage will support the development of their inner harmony and provide them with energy and strength for their daily tasks. With physical, mental and psychological issues, sound massage has shown to bring relief from pain and problems that cause daily stress, worries, and anxiety.
    45 min – $55
    15 min – $20 (add-on to any treatment only)

    In this 60 minute treatment 9 different therapeutic grade essential oils are applied to the back, neck and feet using light feather strokes and soft touch. This incredibly relaxing treatment supports the body on a physical and emotional level. It is known to reduce stress and anxiety, support the immune system, and aid in detoxing the body. All to bring balance and re-align the energy centers of the body. For even greater benefits, sauna before this treatment to allow the pores to open up and the detoxing effect to start!
    60 min – $100
    The maternity massage focuses on releasing tension, improving circulation and relieving back pain to ease your journey into motherhood. Using pillows and bolsters this massage is done in a side lying position to allow for optimal comfort and safety. Please talk to your doctor before setting your appointment.
    60 min – $90
boardman ohio massage therapist

Thermae Add Ons

Sauna Day Pass  |  $15

Private Soak and Sauna  |  $40

Salt Session  |  $15